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Kitten 1 - Mychael Black, Shayne Carmichael This is great, but tigers can't purr so now I'm just reading garbage. (à la this:And come on. Tigers and shrimp?You mean like this?Darling, you're getting your cats mixed up.I'll just pretend that Shaun's some kind of confused snow leopard, then. (Snow leopards can purr...)The kitty-loving was cute, yeah, but it was also really weird.I didn't like the universe, per se. It brings up a lot of issues that I think still needs to be explored much more. I'm also curious about the training/indoctrination thing.It sounds as if they can actually trace specific neural paths that they associate with certain conditioning elements. It was just peculiar because they spoke of them as if they were computer programs or something. As if these "shifters" are actually some kind of bio-modified cyborg. And it had magic healing sex, which I don't like anyways.It wasn't bad, but the vagueness about the shifters was a little off-setting.You know how recently online vendors and such have had crackdowns on "taboos" like pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality?Does it count if it's shifter-sex? Or is it only okay if they don't have sex in animal form? What if there are two of them and both are in shifted form? And what if there's that magic half-form? Does that count?I just... *shrug