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The Pharaoh's Concubine - Z.A. Maxfield Not a bad read. I have to admit that I did come into this thinking it would have something to do with Egypt, even after reading the blurb. Well, the first couple of pages disabused me of that notion. It's a nice, light read if you're not looking for anything incredibly seriously deep or meaningful. It's nice in a mind-numbing kind of way, like a guilty pleasure read or something, I guess.I do have to say, though, that my favorite character in all of this probably ended up being Yves, so I dunno if this is telling of the writing or characterization or what. (And the cover Dylan definitely doesn't look like a twink, at least, not to me...)I don't know if my standards have been lowered by crappily written m/m or what, but I was extremely gratified to see very little in ways of grammatical errors. No misused homophones! *happy dance