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Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban Ehh... I had a hard time taking this book seriously. I mean, at first, yeah, but about half-way through, I couldn't see it as anything other than comical. Cam, I kind of accepted as the legitimately clueless type. I'd forgotten just how annoying I found the clueless type until I read this again. And then it started reminding me of Twilight (before Bella finds out that Eddie's a VampMeyer and after she realizes something's "wrong"). I mean, Julian's like "Are you afraid of me?" and Cam's like "Nope *has a panic attack, maybe I should be afraid of him after all blah." And oh, by the way, he's not afraid of Julian but for. And Julian's rage. Julian's inexplicable rage. Why? First he's emotionless (or hides it very well) and then we the readers have to suffer through emotional whiplash.Anyway, its fate was sealed when the random Irish came out. I mean, that reminds me of what I did once in a forum rp way so many years ago before I knew better and tried to god-mod. I even used an inexplicable and random Irish accent, too. (Trying to go for the whole "I'm incredibly mysterious oooooh.") And then when the authors listed off the list of accents he can do...I think I legitimately lol'd then.I dunno. I guess I kinda wanted Cam to be a little more of a sentient, cognitive being as opposed to a stereotype. I feel like his character, while amusing, wasn't quite realistic and bordered on endearing, yes, but still, dumb bimbo. The Julian character was just...trying too hard to be mysterious. Too much of a tell-not-show thing. Like, it kind of listed off things that proved he was mysterious, but to me, it came off more as a "I'm trying to create an air of mystery where one doesn't exist. It went a little too over the top with it, and because of it, I feel like it ruined the overall effect. (I think it was the Kurdish that was the last nail in the coffin for me.)(Another problem was the intentional humor. Since the rest of it was starting to come off as a parody, the flashes of intentional humor didn't really help...)Welp, despite all of it, it still was quite amusing in a parody sort of way. Reminds me of Inuyasha: Episode Infinity, so it at least gets two stars (because I know that's not the effect the authors were trying to go for).