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Vigil - Z.A. Maxfield I debated between a 3 and 4 an decided to settle for a 3.5.I didn't like this one as much as I liked Notturno. This one seemed more...I dunno, farcical to me. Almost as if it weren't necessarily meant to be taken entirely seriously. I've read some of the reviews and I think someone said this was darker than the first one, but I'm not sure if I got that feeling from it. The characterization was great, though, which is always a big plus.I didn't quite buy into the ending. I mean, I can see why Boaz would turn Adin, but it annoyed me when Adin was all "(dazed face) I can't believe he hated me so much for so looooong *wangsty sobs*." I don't necessarily think Boaz did it out of hate for Adin. I think it was annoyance, but not exactly "resentment." I think Boaz did it because of exactly what he stated: he and his family have been loyal to and seen to the care of Donte for generations and he was just getting rid of a liability. It wasn't personal at all, not the way Adin made it out to be.I think what really annoyed me the most about this book was it almost seemed like a fairy tale/fable mix. I mean, it's got the jaded MC who finds true love and is in denial, but a magical creature shows up who crawls through his memories and finds exactly what went wrong and frees the princess from her prison of cynicism *rolls eyes. Don't get me wrong. The plot was well worked. It's just that I seemed to sense this underlying trite message to it that kind of lost it its magicalness.And I have to admit that Adin really started annoying me about half-way through.I'm also kind of sad because at the end of Vigil, it said Matins would come out 2011, but when I checked Maxfield's website, Matins was still listed as a work-in-progress for "later this year," I think it said.