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The Trap - Indigo Wren Hmm...interesting read. The plot line reminds me of something Derekica Snake would write (the whole kidnap/rape/reform premise). It wasn't really that impact-ful. Not as intense as some of the stuff Snake wrote (e.g. My Hostage My Love) but because of that, it had oddly sweet moments that stood out for their own sake and not because of context. However, because it wasn't a mental and emotional bulldozer, the entire situation just seemed...wrong the way kidnap/rape/reform situations should, I guess.(Honestly, the entire time, my brain screamed "crazy-ass rich guy" every time Ethan said or did anything. I don't know...I guess he just seemed like a Marcus figure right from the beginning to me [Marcus from Snake's Cake]. He just seemed vaguely like a megalomanic psychopath to me. [I get he wasn't supposed to be one, so I was trying to suspend my disbelief, but it was hard going.])I wasn't quite sure whether I should laugh or cry when David was having his little hissy fit/pseudo-panic attack out on the island (what did he do, climb around the island, was it? I forget...).The appendicitis/appendectomy thing was a little weird and frankly out of the blue (but then, I guess, when is appendicitis ever heralded?).I think what bothers me the most is that Ethan assumed David would still feel the same way after 3 years of being apart. I mean, yeah, it all turned out fine, but I think there should have been some kind of indication that David still felt the same way before he decided to kidnap him and rape him into submission/"realizing what he truly thought." (This ties into the whole "I don't believe in 'your mouth/mind says no but your body says yes, ergo you actually mean yes.'" IMO, the human mind is too impressionable for that, too easily changed. Our memories and cognitive sets are not as permanent and definite as we would like to think.) Maybe an earlier introduction of some of the things in David's journal/"toxic waste dump" (which, by the way, was pretty well-written. Interestingly worked, at least) or something like that. And perhaps the two accidentally meet - but briefly, in some kind of public capacity - and they share a few curt words, but enough to clue Ethan into the whole "he loves me and wants me, but is in denial and self-destructing as a result" thing the author was trying to go for. Because as is, we go into it assuming David is a a relatively mentally and emotionally healthy adult who is capable of making his own choices in life. (Well, to a degree; he is in need of a vacation, after all. I guess it's more of an assumption of short-term, work-related stress as opposed to self-destruction through former bad choices and possible regrets. This should have been introduced earlier because in my opinion, no book should have to depend on its blurb.) I think maybe if the story started a little earlier...? There's an extremely fine line between well-wrought and over-wrought, but I think this one fell slightly short of what it could have been. Kind of rang of "too little, too late."I still think the BDSM was rather forced and it didn't quite sit well with me. It just seemed decidedly out of place, but not really. Enough that it bothers me, but not enough that I can necessarily define what specific part of it bothers me.Just something I found amusing...I found an online pamphlet thing "Relationship Abuse, and the Mentality of the Abuser." [sic]Observe:What is relationship abuse? Relationship abuse is about the use of threat and coercion to exact compliance from, and/or the subjection of, the other. It is about the exploitation of power for selfish, often narcissistically-driven purposes; whether blatant or subtle, its result is to leave the other feeling, among other things, controlled, intimidated, scared, insecure, confused, angry, ashamed, bullied, threatened and/or helpless.