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Snowflakes and Embers - S.A. Payne 3.5/5Hmm... Mixed reactions.It's good. Well written. It's got a lot of details, and a high plus is it usually wasn't presented in a series of info-dumps as some books do. The characterization was pretty good. The world is fascinating and seems rather interestingly complete and highly fascinating, especially Bastion traditions. However, there was markedly something lacking. Yeah, it was engaging but...I dunno, character dynamics seemed to be lacking. The grammar was also kind of weird and oddly punctuated at times, but the story managed to push through. Throughout all of it, though it still was...decided dull. Engaging, but dull.I felt kind of cheated at how seemingly abruptly it ended, but given how long it's already been, I don't actually have that much a problem with that.Oh, also, there were odd POV jumps. The third person narration sometimes drifted into 3rd limited, which makes jumps back to omniscient/other 3rd limited awkward.