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Enduring Instincts - S.J. Frost The first book wasn't bad. But this one...I can't believe it was written by the same person. The first one had a nice blend of subtlety and drama, but this one has so much melodrama and awkward turns of phrases that it just doesn't quite flow. The concepts in this book are also lacking. I did rather like the idea of a newer-generation vampire mass...(oddly, the first word to come to mind is mutiny) overthrowing. I am rather confused though because according to the first book, the amount of power a vampire has is dependent on the amount of blood he or she drinks and how regularly and other things have led me to believe that the prestige of age is not increased power but deference for the elderly "for surviving so long." Made me wonder what exactly the MCs had working for them except a large dose of Main Character Power. They don't even have the advantage of overwhelming numbers the younger vamps have.The dynamics of the romance were also a little weird. It was all a little too easy. I mean, a lot of it was set up in the first book (sadly with the one little phrase about Ryu's voice breaking through Daniel's mind fog or whatever). Whatever happened in this book pretty much just followed along that lines. I don't quite feel like it even built on it. And again, it was a little too sudden. How the heck could Daniel have given up so easily? I'd think he'd have felt a little more vindictive a little longer. I think I wanted Daniel to be in denial more and for Ryu to have worked harder to woo him. (I really do think Daniel let go of Cal waaaay too easily.) I think it would have made for a much more interesting story, more engaging probably, and less...awkwardly sudden. But no, he gets attacked and all of a sudden shit happens and he's admitting that perhaps he's in love with Ryu and pretty much completely let go of his love for Cal. And omg. So. Much. Wangst. =_=The recap is awkward too. It's too much like info dump for the sake of it. It reads like a sequel and that's not necessarily a good thing.I think Ryu was a much more interesting character before the author introduced and butchered his character. I kind of get the apologetic feeling from all of the characters here. Like the "I did bad things in the past but I'm not that person anymore, but I still regret it" (w)angst that's intended to endear these characters to us the readers, but instead just annoys me. It seems too much like they're trying to buy our sympathy.There's so much more that could have been done with Daniel's trauma that ultimately wasn't or merely skirted over. I think that also weakened the book because we're told that apparently he's horribly traumatized and needs to heal and whatnot, but we're mostly told.I'm actually very disappointed in this book. The character degeneration in this is pretty bad...it probably is coming a close second to the Star Wars prequel trilogy... (Amidala goes from BA to damsel in distress to "all I can do is stand around crying before I die of a 'broken heart'")