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The Consort - Misty Malone 3.5It actually wasn't bad. I wasn't entirely certain what to expect and actually kind of braced myself for something much worse, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be based on the blurb. I did have some qualms about it, though, which is why it only gets 3.5I thought it used the True Love Conquers all trope a little too much and that for me killed some of the realism it was building up. I didn't quite understand the characterization of the prince exactly. I thought he was supposed to be some innocent virginal whatever, and I get that he turned voyeur on his cousin and all, but I still feel like he knew too much/acted too knowledgeably during their first intercourse. And in the epilogue, I felt the subtle nuances were a little too decidedly modern for the supposedly historical setting in which the world in general are not as accepting of homosexuality. I get that it's an AU and shiz, but I get the feeling that earlier, the author was trying to preserve the medieval atmosphere of the original mythos and w/e (It's all Arthurian, really).And seriously, the Tristan/Iseult thing was really bad taste. Especially since Iseult is apparently Yvette's lover and Tristan is Yvette and Accolon's kid. Just saying.I get that it's an AU, but I feel like that was just an ill-placed allusion. *shudders