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Undercover Sins - Hayley B. James Ehh...Not bad, I guess, but still...It just doesn't seem really realistic to me. The characterization just seemed...incredibly off. And the entire thing just seems like a weird parallel universe (would anyone really pay with a thousand dollar bill?). And the prose is just stiff enough that the inconsistencies and weirdness in the characterization really stands out. This seems like a not-as-good version of Mexican Heat to me, especially the random revelation thing towards the end-ish. A couple of things:The prose was pretty damn stiff and awkward. I find it hard to believe that Ty/Gabriel would have a panic attack/mental breakdown after hearing shots that were supposed to make him think that Demetrius/Evan had killed Marcos and his wife. I mean, come on. He's a damn cop, for crying out loud. And on that note, I find this whole cop-deep-undercover thing a little unlikely. I think it was the handjob thing. However, I won't pretend to know what is considered "acceptable" and "unacceptable" with undercover procedure, so I'm willing to grudgingly let that one go.There doesn't seem to be any drama. It's rather dry. Heck, even the sex seemed dry to me.I also kept getting the feeling that the author couldn't quite decide whether this was a parallel universe or not. I mean, of course all fiction is to some extent an alternate universe, but I feel like this one was a bit... more... The way they talked about the pets made it seem like a matter-of-fact part of life in general and not just in the little underworld whatever thing they got going on.The lampshading of psychological issues from the sting op didn't do anything for me. There was nothing to really back it up; it felt like whatever psychoses the characters might have had were already in place well before the mission started. It also made it benignly melodramatic, and I didn't even think that would be possible.It was...boring. I think about half way through, I had to fight the strong urge to ditch it and reread Mexican Heat again.