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Somebody Killed His Editor  - Josh Lanyon I was reading this right on the heels of finishing the Adrien English series, so I kind of expected a redux of something along the same lines. I was pleasantly surprised that while there do seem to be odd similarities between Adrien and Chris (or maybe I was just projecting my own predetermined expectations), Chris is a unique character in his own right. This one seemed more reminiscent of more "traditional" mystery books to me (it actually did remind me of what little I've read of Christie) so it was a completely different feel than that of the Adrien English series.This book did seem vaguely corny to me, but then, the MC is an almost 40 year old mystery writer who rights about an old amateur sleuth and her cat. Actually, it almost felt like a "Murder, She Wrote by proxy" kind of thing. It was rather peculiar, but still a pretty good read.