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True of Heart (The Draegan Lords #1) - M.L. Rhodes The narration is...dry. Rote. The characterization didn't work out either. People don't just do things for no reason and I felt there was way too much emphasis on nature vs. nurture. To avoid getting into a philosophical debate about human psychology (neh, too late for that, maybe), I'll just chalk it up to a dissonance between what we are told and shown. We are told that the MC has a bunch of barriers and whatnot, defenses, reservations, the whole nine yards. What we see is some dude who is altogether too aware of himself at times and at others all too unaware of what he's supposed to be thinking.I also don't buy that Gaige could just deepthroat Keiran. I'm assuming that it's Gaige's first any kind of sexual relation, but he seemed altogether way to eager, untroubled by his supposedly-troubling-him conscience, and knowledgeable in the whole whatnot. (Actually, apparently I'm wrong about the Keirnan thing being Gaige's first sexual experience, but for some reason, it read like that up until the whole "I'm the one who usually does the fucking" thing O_o)Oh, and draegans are magical sex machines that create their own lubricant. (But what did the author mean by "dry lubricant"? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of lube?)"Draegan males, clearly a notch higher on the evolutionaryscale than humans, secreted a natural dry lubricant when theywere sexually stimulated. As Gaige understood it, it camethrough the skin of the draegans’ cocks and was invisible andunnoticed until moisture activated it. His saliva had done sotonight. The lubrication gave a draegan the added advantageof a pleasant, non-friction entrance to whatever orifice hechose to plunder."See? Magical sex machines. that have dry lube. (Now that I think of it, how would Gaige come to "understand it" as such? How would anyone other than other draegan or the sympathizers know? I don't exactly see the Bryam dude (or anyone who follows him) studying how draegan males fuck. Him raping them, maybe, but him taking a close look at draegan cocks?Anyway, what little suspense might have actually existed quickly degenerated into melodrama."Gods almighty! He was experiencing a need to mark Gaigeas his? What had gotten into him? He was acting like adraegan who’d found his true mate…which was impossiblewith a human."Yeah, yeah. We get it. Gaige seemed awfully a lot like someone who was half-heartedly pretending to care about being "loyal" to Byram instead of someone who was legitimately loyal, if for the wrong reasons (such as conditioning). And the wangst. Oh, the wangst. I started skimming by the time I was only about a third of the way through.This reads more like PWP but with something that someone could argue was actually plot. And it has me speaking in tropes, but this time in a genuinely head-desk way, not like the couple of other ones I've mentioned, which were usually just amusing the way the author didn't intend.