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Phoenix Rising - Kimberly Gardner Eh...not bad?It actually went pretty well until Adam made that ultimatum (was it an ultimatum? I don't quite remember) and walked out on Jimmy so he could...idk, find his own life or something? After that...it just seemed so...forced. Extremely contrived.It actually started reminding me of Derekica Snake's Cake... =_=I don't feel like the BDSM was a natural development at all. It just felt random and odd and frankly, forced down my throat. I mean, the author played with the whole "giant farcical misunderstanding" line and it was rather decent, but not really. I kind of but not really understand why Adam did what he did. Kind of only. It was annoying that he was so determined to see the bad in people he just kind of...gave up on Jim. That's what it seemed like. And Jim...I don't even understand. Like I said, the entire last...(I'm not sure how long; 1/3? 1/4? Maybe more like 1/5) part just...was...so damn out of character.And then they just have spontaneous kinky make-up sex. And THEN they have their reconciliation scene. The imagery was a little too forced. The phoenix thing... I don't feel like it really had a meaning. It felt like a "just cuz" thing because it sounded cool.So I'm torn about the rating. Torn between a 2 and a 3. Three because the first part really wasn't that bad. 2 because the last-ish part really was. Finally settled on a 3 on Goodreads, but more as a pity vote...