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Again - Mary Calmes This is a really sweet story. I loved the characters and, for all the weirdness and the niggling doubts about the characters not really caring that much if they didn't care to investigate themselves...for me, it lent a certain realism to the story. I mean, for all that it's easy to castigate Dante for trusting Beck, it makes more sense that he would have. Because he's human. And because he should (and probably has before) trust Beck with his life (he's his handler; who else can he trust on missions if not Beck?). And because humans aren't perfect, they have doubts. I'm glad that Calmes explained that; it lent realism because while Dante did love and trust Noah, he still had doubts of his own worth, much as Noah did.Calmes is kind of a hit-or-miss author with me. This is one of those rare jewels that I really don't have much to complain about. I won't complain about the problems I've found with Calmes' other books here because its a review for Again, but I will say that in this book, the prose was good, the characterization realistic and engaging, and the overall plot very, very sweet.