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Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant This is a little weird for me because I'm on Ch 5 now and just found out that this is actually the second book of a series. I actually read it because I wanted to see how realistically written the Silicon Valley setting would be. I'm still not entirely certain. I think it's because usually I read BDSM-themed books with a sense of...disconnect (but then, that's kind of how I read all books...) so while it seems real, it doesn't quite seem real. I live in the Bay Area, so am rather familiar with Silicon Valley and that kind of forced me to actually consider the implications of this book in a real-life setting [because in many ways, writing fiction of any sort, even realistic fiction, is still creating a parallel universe]. I think I expected something more in-my-face about the setting, but nothing was really there, so it became kind of a negligible point.I suppose the book wasn't bad, but there were points that were...weird. Jarring. Scenes that didn't quite seem to fit. Times when it started creeping steadily towards melodrama, and then times when it tripped over the edge before it could finally pull itself back up off that particular cliff.I'll give it to the authors, though, that Bran's resistance seemed a little more realistic than the usual BDSM book fare. Meaning there was a lot more outright denial and (what can be interpreted as) bigotry and hypocrisy. AKA, annoying as hell, but something I grudgingly have to give the authors credit for. The rest of it, though...I dunno, for some reason, it seemed to have a rather surreal quality to it. More so than as I've come to expect as usual.I think it really settled in after Nicky's flogging when Devon went to visit, though. Of course, I still haven't read the first one yet, so some of the weirdness might be accredited to that, though I somehow don't think that's the case...I think I approached this book expecting something a lot more surreal. Something more...I don't quite know. Something more in-the-face, again, though I'm not quite sure what I mean by that either. I kind of got that also, but give it that it does settle in. My opinion of this book when I wrote the first part of this review (I think I was about 1/3 of the way in?) and now (I'm about 4/5) are completely different.Probably one of the more realistic-seeming books that deal with total immersion - however temporary - into D/s. (Hooray for good prose!)