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The Luckiest - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea I'm going to eschew the normal generic meaningless statements I sometimes put as a way of introducing my review and dive right into it.One thing that really surprised me was Luka. I mean, the blurb says he's flamboyant, so I expected him to be really flaming...really femme, or something, but he wasn't. I guess I was kind of expecting...something more like Cole from Strawberries for Dessert, but he wasn't really all that...gay. (Oh, the stereotypes). A couple of disparate times, I also kind of got the feeling they were trying to push the "he's so flaming" issue. Actually, Luka's pretty dang down-to-earth. His perchance for pet names comes off as more of a "Southern charm" kind of thing (no, I don't mean he's from the South. I just mean that stereotypically, Southern people tend to do that, and it seems like that for Luka) than, for example, Cole's perchance for calling Jared "Sweets."Other than that weirdness, though, it was good. There wasn't really a "wow" factor, but it was still good. Really sweet.