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A Broken Light - Diane  Adams First off, I was extremely annoyed that the author kept insisting that Elias, at 5'8", is short. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the author was thinking, but the average height for men in America is 5'9.5", so I think Elias at 5'8" is fine height-wise. (Average height for women is about 5'4", so it's not like he'd have much competition from that side either.) It didn't do anything for the story at all. It just made it annoying, as if the author had been determined to make him fit into the "twink" category. What does confuse me, though, is that while Elias described himself as 5'8" (his "diminutive [snorts with contempt] five foot eight inch frame," I might add), when he and Jace first met, Jace estimated him to be five feet, flat. Maybe the author changed her mind about his height and didn't fix that? Either way, it didn't really do much for the plot except give it more material for melodrama and profiling (hooray! no).That waitress...why was she insinuating he was small? Sure, if he's slim, but not because he's a "little guy like him." =_=Their meeting, though...that part was melodramatic.Eh... It does get somewhat better, though, so there's that. I'm also moderately interested in finding out more (aka, reading the next installment)(doesn't sound like much, but even a tiny spark of interest is better than no interest at all :D) so kudos for that one, I'd say. Still, it's probably more like a 3.5/5 than an actual 4, though.