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Counterpoint: Dylan's Story - Ruth Sims OH. MY. GOD.This book was amazing. The character dynamics and characterization just blew me away. I legitimately cried when Lawrence died. Not just shed a few tears, but actually cried, which does NOT happen very often. The development of the relationship between Dylan and Lawrence was nice too, in a realistic sort of way. Which means I kind of wanted to strangle Dylan at times because he didn't seem to appreciate Lawrence enough/would get too caught up in his own problems. But that's what real life is like. I was resistant to the Dylan-Geoffrey match at first ("..but...but LAWRENCE AND DYLAN WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER WHAAAAAT????") but Sims developed the intervening time after Lawrence's death and the Dylan-Geoffrey interactions so well that by the time any real hint of a relationship (yeah, it was kind of implied [cuz of the cover and stuff] that they'd end up together, but I think the first real one was the unplanned kiss in the foggy garden...) and Dylan's subsequent final...catharsis(?) I actually did buy into the "okay, it's time to move one now..."My heart ached for Dylan, but especially Geoffrey during that farce of a trial...(it made me think of everything wrong with the "justice" system =_=). I just wanted to scream to them "the will is in the Strad" (I'm still reading it right now and I'm fairly convinced that that's where it's hidden; where else could Schonberg have put it?)The prison part...that was a lot better written than anything I would have expected.On a side note...the uncle, Béla Kodály. I see what she did there. "Béla" from "Béla Bartók" and "Kodály" from "Zoltán Kodály."This book is truly amazing. I really do want to give more than 5 stars for this. The writing is eloquent and beautifully composed. The plot is engaging, yet has the rawness of reality in it that makes it that much more meaningful.Amazing. Absolutely amazing.