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Devil's Honor - S.W. Vaughn Eh, it was an okay book, but the main problem was after the first one, I was only really interested in what happened between Gabriel/Angel and Jenner. I'm not going to say it's not the author's fault because partly it is. (The author should have written enough of Shiro that we'd want to know more about him, something like that) I think this seemed like mostly a non sequitur to the first book.I ended up skimming most of the book. (The way I see it, a certain number of plots are possible, but only a very few - maybe even only one - is truly feasible, especially within certain genres. As such, I don't really read for plot but for characterization and character development. I didn't think Shiro was that interesting. I didn't think any of them were that interesting, with a few exeptions. Gabriel kind of, but Jenner definitely.)Vaughn makes the mistake (yes, I'm going to call it a mistake) of splitting off the plots between the characters. They are somewhat connected, but not nearly interconnected enough that each is necessarily to the other. As such, she - in a way - makes it okay for us to ignore the other character. It's the same thing that happened in Lord of the Isles. The only difference is Vaughn keeps it only to a few characters and the rest of the plot is predicable enough that I can deduce what happens from the glimpses I get as I'm reading about Jenner.