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Rescue Me - Scarlet Blackwell This book has so much potential, but there's just so much that doesn't quite work together.The characterization started off rather okay, but then seemed to degenerate into loads of wangst all around. There's so much emotional whiplash and inconsistent characterization that I really don't get a read on any of the characters. There were good scenes, but those just put into sharp relief how awkward and noncohesive the rest of the narrative was. The friends were especially weird because they brought out all of these extra conflicting attitudes...None of the characters really seemed to have much in the way of redeeming feature. I think I literally laughed at the part where James says that Matt really does have 1 redeeming feature and that it's that he's hot. IMO, a physical appearance really isn't a redeeming feature. How sad is it that the only thing someone can say about you is that you are physically appealing? Isn't that...objectifying and rather demeaning? (Meh, you probably think I'm getting too preachy now). Seriously, though, as a romance, it just doesn't work. I didn't really like any of the characters and they only really seemed to get worse. There were too many illogical actions at the weirdest of times that didn't fit with any of the characterization...or lack thereof. The two stars I was originally going to give it went down to 1 as it "progressed."