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Son of Death - Nikki McCoy Meh, I'm a sucker for trauma, so w/e.Hmm... I don't quite know what I think. I read this kind of in bits and pieces between my phone and my laptop, so there were parts I probably skipped and others I probably just skimmed over. The sex was boring, though. I'd find myself skimming past the sex every time =_=Hmm...I think really started getting interested when Mikel came in with his mind-fucking powers and started tormenting Jace, but at that time (by that time?) I really only wanted to know what happened to Jace.Still, the book's premise is an interesting idea that hasn't really been explored this way before, so the author gets kudos for originality in the base premise, I guess.As for Jace...welp. I guess that means on to the second book with me. (It has to be about Jace, right? No way it's not, after such a big lead in...)