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Keepers of the Night - Nikki McCoy ...This is going to be one of those never-ending series, isn't it =_=? Where every ship is a menage, no less. Eh. Meh, the main problem I have is that each scenario is just interesting enough that I'd want to read it, but the follow-through isn't as great as what's promised. Like I said, I'm a sucker for trauma/angst and this series has it in plenty. I don't think I'd recommend reading the books in quick succession because while there are "blind squirrel" moments, the overall effect is rather melodramatic. Especially once the traumatized party starts healing and the sex-fests start.And the weird fact that a million new menage groups - or the beginnings of them - seem to be introduced every book =_= (emphasis is on seems. It may not be so, but it just feels like it...)