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Mirrors (Mirrors, #1) - A.J. Llewellyn,  D.J. Manly This makes me think of that one CW tv show, Ringer.It wasn't bad. It was certainly readable. It was just...odd. Incongruous. I had a hard time believing that people wouldn't really notice the change. I was also annoyed that some of the secondary and tertiary characters seemed rather like stereotypical character sketches.It didn't really start making any sense until Dave said something about how Troy had done that thing before, where he pretended to change, but by that time, it had felt more like ret-conning than anything else.I also couldn't quite get a read on Troy. He seemed so...I dunno. I don't know why Aaron automatically assumed that Troy had killed himself. I mean, the offer and the obscure letter didn't exactly clear everything up. I guess the main issue with that is a sense of unfamiliarity wasn't quite fully established. Neither, really was a sense of urgency/hopelessness on Aaron's part. I think perhaps a bit more despair, maybe even starting the book a little earlier would have helped solidify that and made more sense why Aaron was so excited to just jump in. And perhaps a little more reluctance at first, too? For me, he seemed like he'd justified the replacement with a hypothetical imperative instead of out of any real desperation. I thought the little in media res blurb at the beginning was stupid and completely unnecessary. I also thought the way Llewellyn handled Dave's character was odd. It was so PA that I, again, couldn't quite get a read on the situation. And then the odd speed with which they made up...I dunno, I just thought it was looked at from more of an insiders POV, the they'll-inevitably-get-together view, as opposed to watching a progression/development from outside (if that makes sense). So all in all, probably about a 2.5It wasn't a bad read. It was just too much stuff about it bothered me. Little things, but after I finished and sat and thought about it, they seemed to kind of add up.(Oh, it also bothered me that Jake was such an asshole. He'd be willing to sacrifice Aaron, his friend, for the sake of his dogs? I dunno...I'd hope that if I had friends, they'd at least be willing to value me over their pets [I don't mean this in a "animals are dumb beasts" sort of way. I meant it in a "I hope I mean enough to my friends that if push came to shove, I'd have enough value to them that they'd be willing to make painful sacrifices for me.] Of course, I don't fully know Jake's sitch. Maybe he was abandoned by his parents when he was young and he's had his dogs ever since and they're the closest thing to a real family he has and there's absolutely no way he'd sacrifice them for anyone/thing because he's sacrificed so much to keep them with him because they're all he's ever had and he'll have panic attacks without them. Or whatever. Still. It just seemed..."I'm very sorry, Aaron. They have my dogs. I'm going to give you to them so I can have my dogs back."*shrugs)