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Blood Magic - Shayne Carmichael Adrian's got himself a penguin collection now!Seriously, the Scooby Doo thing was stupid, random, out of place, and not quite in following with his previous characterization. Yeah, character quirks are sometimes seemingly inexplicable, but this was just...to the point of stupidity.Actually, it made him seem almost like a caricature as opposed to an actual character.I don't know...the entire thing was just ridiculous. I was quite bored and skimmed through quite a bit of it. Still, it gets two stars because it DID have some blind squirrel moments.The Fae thing...it just...no...just...no.It really became more and more like a gay caricature of Anita Blake... =_= with maybe a little Harry Dresden flavor thrown in at times?But still, overall, caricature.