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Condor One  - John Simpson The idea is interesting but honestly, it makes a pretty shitty romance. The prose was rather flat and clinical, like someone writing a retrospective journal. It would go like that and then suddenly there'd be the sex parts. It was just...really non sequitur.There really is no/not much characterization of the individual characters and especially not in the main two. I mean, I can see so much potential to develop this as an actual romance while balancing out the political stuff, but it falls flat. It seems more like the two are telling they're friends about how they met, select anecdotes about their time together, etc. than anything else because of the lack of characterization. I mean, there seems to be something there, but it's not revealed/developed. That's why the "OMG I love him" parts seemed so out of place to us the readers. Still, not bad if you weren't looking for a romance. I will give Simpson Kudos for the way he explored the concept, though some parts just seemed weirdly blasé and/or melodramatic.