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Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander A couple problems:Angel...what was with him? He's supposed to be 18, but he often sounds much younger...is it just a "Daddy" kink thing or what because there was a point where I started wondering if he was autistic or something. Like a savant, you know?Eh, I know I said a couple, but it's late at night and that was my main one. I suppose another is the government-sanctioned hitmen idea? I don't know...it sounds a little shady, even for a government.The writing was pretty good. The characterization...I dunno. Angel was kind of cute as I was reading it, but now as I'm writing this, I just feel annoyed. Again, it's possible that it's the late hour, but I also think part of it is the weird inconsistencies in characterization that just suddenly seem so glaringly obvious.I don't really know. I think I kind of have mixed reactions about it. At this moment, I don't feel like pursuing this further...maybe one day in the future, I'll feel more amenable to reading the sequel...11/10/2012 ETAAlso, jussayin' but the cover model for Kael in the ebook edition (colored one) looks a lot better than the one in the kindle edition (b&w one). It's more...apt. Fits the characterization better.