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Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley Despite the stupid title and all me reservations because of that, I actually did try to read it. I struggled through to about half-way before I acknowledged that I really didn't care. I was bored and starting to get rather annoyed at the characters and while parts of it were endearing, I really wasn't sure I'd want to spend the time struggling through the next half. Maybe I'll skim-read it one day but for now, I'm conceding "defeat." ("PLEASE, JUST LET ME GO. PLEASE, I'LL DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING, JUST DON'T SUBJECT ME TO THIS TORTURE ANYMORE" kind of defeat *shrugs)11/12/12 ETASo, it's like 3 am or so and I decided a couple of hours ago wth not and went ahead and read it. It got better-ish, which is gratifying. It's weird and interesting in a quirky sort of way. It's an interesting look at what might happen to some dude if he just woke up and at first had no idea he was a vamp and stuff. Props for originality, I guess. I still despise the title.