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The Invisible Chains - Part 1: Bonds of Hate - Andrew Ashling Ok, I'm going to need to reread this, not because I liked it but because I spent most of my time focusing on Ehandar. There are some annoying stylistic problems but for the most part, I rather like the structure. The names are annoying as heck, I don't really care about the other characters and especially not the queen and the woman whose name reminds me of "Sarabi" all the time.Hmm...I think I am rather intrigued. I wonder if the Wolves' Friend dude is significant in any way to what happens... and also, Anaxantis. The Randamor dude's parting statement is very thought-provoking. Puts his actions in another light.It's actually rather good, once I got past the first-ish half. Intriguing. I can't quite get a read on Anaxantis.11/12/12 ETA:Yeah, I figured out why the rest of the plot annoyed me so much. It's cuz it's framed in high-fantasy-esque writing and I wasn't expecting that, so I hadn't mentally prepared for detail porn of all sorts. Maybe I'll attempt it again for Anaxantis' exploits at one time in the future. As is, I really still only care about what happens on the romance side. It's getting into that mind-screwy shit I love and find so fascinating :D