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Touch of a Wolf - Jez Morrow Interestingly weird?I mean, overall the effect was...weird. I'd like to say it seemed like a weird melange of stuff, but it somehow came together. The portrayal of the withdrawal was framed in a way that seemed realistic. Channing...he was just such an adorable child. (Well, not a child, but you know what I mean)Channing went on, “It’s stripy. Orange, yellow, brown. I saw it as clearly as I see you now. It was coming from the ceiling, straight down on my face.” He swept his arm over the bed, feeling for a strand of webbing that would prove the spider’s existence.“You know it’s probably a hallucination,” Matt said.“Probably,” Channing allowed. “Not good enough.” He scanned the ceiling. “‘Kay, Matt. You’re a smart guy. Do you know if there are any real spiders that look like that?”Matt didn’t know anything about spiders. “I know you can’t see colors in the dark.”Channing stopped mid-sweep. “You’re right.”He instantly calmed down, suddenly sleepy again. Channing nodded, satisfied. “That’s a good point. I like that.” He crawled back into the bed. “You’re the best,” he said, and passed peacefully out.The wolf thing was really weird at first, but the entire thing forced me to suspend my disbelief so much that after the initial shock, I kind of took it in stride.I guess it kind of is a light, fluffy-ish read with some serious-ish moments. Parts of it were just ridiculous, though...