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My Bloody Valentine - Andrea Speed ......ooookay.......um...POSSIBLY SPOILER WARNINGS but the story was so short that I feel like most of it was self-explanatory. Then again, my perception may not be yours.I have no idea what to say, but I feel like I should say something.This one was...disturbing on so many levels. It goes against many fundamental beliefs I have which i won't expound upon here because this short was so under-developed. As presented, though, I object to the sacrificing of countless lives for the sake of an undead "love" presented in this context. I suppose it was the ambivalence of Cody that really did it for me. I mean, he professes his love for Mason, but I don't quite feel it. It seems too...obligatory. "Love was sacrifice, was it not? No one ever said it had to be your sacrifice." And I can't quite get over this application of a hypothetical imperative in conjunction with love. Maybe this is my closet idealist coming out, but I feel that love should be a categorical imperative, where every means is a moral end in and of itself. This love-sacrifice at the expense of others to me just isn't love. Maybe it's codependence. (Here definitely is my closet romantic coming out, but) Cody wouldn't even look at Mason until he'd eaten the heart and and looked all "perfect" and "flawless" again.Also, love shouldn't just be all give (*looks pointedly at [b:Dominion of the Eth|12816853|Dominion Of The Eth (Wings #2)|J.C. Owens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317985361s/12816853.jpg|17966240]) but surely I digress at this point.I get what others are saying about this pushing the boundaries of traditional m/m, but to me, this wasn't really a romance. I'm hard-pressed to categorize this, exactly, but I can't force myself to just take it at face value.It is, however, very wonderfully written and nicely worked together. The elements weave together in a tapestry of darkness that certainly was an interesting read (even though I fundamentally disagreed with the ideas presented).