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Break and Enter - Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov Please, more.This book is actually a lot more amazing than I first gave it credit for. I vaguely remember a couple of abortive attempts to read it when I first got it (I'm not even sure why; it's short enough I shouldn't have dismissed it out of hand).The whole world created here is fascinating. The mecha element is an interesting one that I don't see a lot, but this one seems to balance out the technical side into a sort of believable equilibrium.It's a bit annoying because of the time jumps towards the beginning, but ultimately, it all works out rather well.Definitely a future-reread; I can see myself finding more and more elements in this with each rereading.Rachel, Aleks, can you please, please write a sequel? A whole series? A free-for-all expansion on this world? *hopeful glance*