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Golden Boy - Claire Thompson It was okay, then it got annoying, then it got actually good, and then it got so extremely boring. I skimmed the last 30-odd pages, which is to say I gave each page a cursory glance so I could say I finished.(See my status updates for some more comments.)All in all, not a lot happens. Pretty much nothing, actually. The characterization is inconsistent. Parts of it are good, but then there are these chunks that are just...meh.Johnny in many places it TSTL. And then he has flashbacks at the most awkward moments. And they're so long... It just breaks up the continuity so badly that at times, I have trouble following. And then sometimes it seems like there's just random sex.The ideas aren't bad, but sometimes the execution makes it seem like something it's not.None of the characters really appealed to me. They didn't seem fleshed out enough to be realistic. The repetition was also annoying. It made the entire thing seem like one giant gimmick.