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Sharp Teeth - meus_venator This is actually really good. Really weirdly good. In weird ways. It's well-written, which surprised me cuz it's an RPS, but the narration is smooth, though the flashbacks are at times extremely annoying.I'd like to say that I have never watched Supernatural so I read this as an independent fic and not a fanfic. I know nothing of the characters other than a brief Google search of what these people look like and reading this section of wikipedia (I tl;dr'd on the rest of it).That being said, there was a point getting towards the end in which I rabidly swore to myself to read the sequel. Now that I have finished, I find myself ambivalent. They've reached a weird impasse and I don't feel the burning need to read on. In fact, now that I think of it, some of the parts that bothered me before are bothering me more now. Well, I'll be generous and keep the 4 star rating, I guess...