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Caged - Michele L. Montgomery The writing's kind of...bad... The plot's all over the place and the characterization is rather erratic. Which is a big shame since the blurb sounded rather interesting-ish, too...Oh, god. All it is is a bunch of pseudo-drama. There are Narm moments all over the place and it just... “No! No! Not my baby! You take it back; do you hear me? There’s just been some sort of mix up. Nicholas and Christian went out together tonight, James. They’ll be home any minute now; you’ll see. Sure, they’re a little late, but you know how traffic is this time of year. Are you sure I can’t get you something? If Nicholas comes home and sees you empty handed, he’ll have an absolute fit. You know how he is about those things.”Narm! Narm! Narm!And honestly, I thought Lucca was going to be a BA...And oh, god. Sebastian and Joshua. That part was h-h-horrible. L-l-laborious to r-r-read.It's too...blatantly stated. Like a book proposal more than an actual book. Everything's out there, but it doesn't flow together in a logical conclusion sort of way.And then, too much wangst. Too much. This has sent me past bored and straight into annoyed.