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Liquid Glass - Zathyn Priest It's weird that I'd give a favorite 3 stars, huh? But it deserves it.First off, I love Eldon. He is such an adorable character. He reminds me of Jane Austen, but in a non-whiny, less-vacuous fashion, something like that. See my status updates for some examples of my squee'ing over Eldon.The plot's okay. It was better at some times and some times it was just meh.The grammar I have many issues with. First off, it's "trance" and not "trace." Secondly, it's okay to use periods, you know? Not everything has to be a run-on. And there were also numerous missing commas. Also, one "bears" children, not "bares" them (misused homophones, one of my top pet peeves). The falling pregnant thing made me laugh. When you say she "fell pregnant," it makes it sound like an accidental thing. "I swear it was an accident. I didn't mean for it to happen. It just...you know, did..." (Come on. She was raped. Just say it.)Some of the plot points seemed waaay too easy. Too simple. Every loose end was just...wrapped up.It's like Melancholia. The story's overwrought and sometimes rather kitsch, but the message is good and it DOES manage to shine through regardless. Actually, is there even a message in this? *shrugs. That awesome w/e quality of good books, then, shines through amid the...kitsch...