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Cutting Cords - Mickie B. Ashling I actually attempted this quite a long while ago, so I don't remember why I gave up. I suppose it's an indication of something, though, that I couldn't force myself to finish it...Oh, wait. Some memories are vaguely trickling back. I think I thought it was just...overly melodramatic. It's as Sherlock said: "I'm used to mystery at one end of my cases. Both ends is too much work." Both of the characters just had so many problems and so much angsting on both ends that it got rather annoying. I think I couldn't see how they could possibly help each other except in a deus ex machina way when they couldn't even handle themselves. Yeah, I get that some people are just like that - they can see how to help others but not themselves, but they didn't seem like the type; too damn self-absorbed for it to make sense that they'd actually want to help anyone for the others' sakes and not their own.