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Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City #1) - Tricia Owens Sorry, but this book has exceeded my suspense of disbelief threshold. It started off quite intriguing. First off, I loved the blurb; it sounded like it had all those elements that I find interesting and whatnot.It progressed weirdly, to say the least, and then somewhere along the way, it degenerated into complete Freudian everything. All of a sudden, it was all about sex all the time. Who's fucking who? Who wants to fuck who? Who's in denial about wanting to fuck who and who's going to ultimately end up fucking who?Black went from being the stoic fearless leader with his crowning moments of awesome to something kind of resembling a werewolf omega. Everyone's fighting over him...OH! He must be exuding uke-pheromones or something! (I say this sardonically because what other possible explanation is there?)I will continue reading, but this book just seems more PWP without the actual sex with some excuse plot thrown in to justify its "book"ness.Which is a shame since the premises it brings up are quite fascinating. *sigh. I really did want to like this book...(A Thought [capital T] occurs to me. Perhaps if this book had spent more time on the world and its implications as opposed to following every agonizing moment of character angst in excruciating detail. I also would have liked to see more of Dickerson and his Ultimate Overplot of Maybe Evil or something. That, I feel, has a greater implication. I don't mean tell us all the details. I mean throw out more scenes with hints of Dickerson's agenda so it's not all about how much Dick seems to want to fuck Calyx and Black at the same time...)