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In Excess - Quinn Anderson I'm sure this is a lovely story. I'm sure other people will like it. But it's so totally a shojo manga in light novel form that I found myself fleeing for my life. (I can only take being bombarded by so many tropes in one place, you know. And when they're yaoi/shojo tropes...well, that makes it all the worse.)A shojo yaoi in light novel form. Wonderful =_= This encompasses some of my greatest pet peeves :DAnd THAT's why I want to kill it with fire.*shudders. I am reminded again of all the reasons I stopped reading manga...Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go purge my mind. (Quinn, your writing itself isn't bad. It's just the subject you wrote about that's driving me to...what is the idiom, drink? Hmm...perhaps something a bit stronger than that...And there is still the distinct "fanfic" feel about it. Maybe that's just because I have a passing acquaintance with Naruto and all of the characters are still described to look vaguely the same (I've only ever been able to force myself to read the first volume, so I can't say much about personality. I think Nik's perchance to violence as a solution to everything is reflective of Naruto?). Maybe it's something more. *shrugs. That's all the mental energy I feel like investing into this issue.You can take this however you want, but I never once thought "some people really should be allowed to write" as I did in my brief an quickly aborted attempts to hack through Fifty Shades of Grey [honestly, how can someone write so poorly? I literally could not force myself to read on because the writing was so egregious. Instead, I thought "some things really should never make its way to print.")2 stars instead of 1 because the writing in and of itself isn't bad.