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Feral (Shifters, #2) - Joely Skye This book is interesting/weird. It's actually quite deep, which I find to be rather unusual for a shifter m/m book, but also a pleasant surprise.The dynamics of the book are surprisingly well-written. The author actually takes to time to explore the implications of the whole "feral" business and such.I can definitely see some parallels between the whole pack dynamics thing and how that might be a sort of allegory for certain real-life situations, which adds a whole new layer of depth.And also, these characters actually appear to have real personalities beyond the superficial basics, which is, again, quite unusual - at least for me to find - in a shifter book.Actually, I think this book is on par with Blacque/Bleu, although I rather like this one better because it's not as relatively sex-centric (that's not to say that Blacque/Bleu was only book-porn. I only mean that this one developed a fascinating set of world-creation-based-circumstances/dynamics that were generally explored more, while Blacque/Bleu focused more on the character dynamics.)I have problems with the speaking subvocally thing because yeah, while there's artistic license, that's something that's just not physiologically possible for humans. Or cougars. I fail to see how cougars would be able to read neurological impulses and/or minute movements in the larynx and tongue.It was weird because I kept feeling like there was this whole entire serial backstory that I'd missed and/or skipped over. I mean, enough is revealed that I had an idea of what had happened Before, but still weird. I mean, there are parts that are still really weirdly incongruous and parts that seem neglected, but...I dunno.Sometimes it can get a little too much angst-inundation, though.Actually, I think it's fairly clear I'm a little confused as to what to think about this book. It seems good, but I still feel like I'm missing something quite major.Oh, yeah. And before I forget again. Just sayin', but I really wanted Ethan to bottom... Or is it that I wanted Bram to top? Either way, different intentions, same result...ish... (But it didn't happen...)