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The Sweet One - Andi Anderson Not a particularly earth-shattering story. In fact, the ideas have been done before. Or rather, I've read another story with pretty much the exact same resolution to the premise and such (but I read that one first, so this one will just have to suffer, to quote Simon aka Templar of M. Chandler). In fact, this one, seemed to eschew any other parts in favor of the sex, which, to me, still seemed random as fuck (ahahaha. that was actually originally unintended, if you can believe that).I mean, it wasn't bad, I guess. It was, eponymously, sweet. Very, very sweet. Enough sugar to stand your spoon up in, if this were a tea cup. Or those chocolate "all-American" cakes that are basically just really sweet cakes that'll probably kill you if you tried to eat the whole thing on your own. Dare I say...cloyingly sweet? Yes, I do.