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The Last Bite - Evangeline Anderson It was good-ish, and then it was okay, and then it became porn for the sake of porn with excuse plot. And I guess I just have a thing against flashbacks, but still. Flashbacks are a really awk way of telling a story unless it's something like Memento and the lost memories are kind of the point. On a somewhat unrelated {read: completely unrelated} side-note, I've found that m/m really is rather...idk. Can't find the adjective. That whole "when you go m/m, you can't go back" kind of thing? I find that with my drabbles/ficlets I simply can't make it not m/m. It was really awk cuz I was trying not to shock my writers' club and struggling...and then going "fuck it" and just writing the MCs gay.Anyways. Story. Well, 2nd star because it WAS good, you know. Before it, you know, became All-About-Sex...Oh, almost forgot to mention the wangst. Oh, the wangst. Okay, he's definitely going to live, a'right? He's your LI. There's no way the LI's gonna die. Sheesh. Anyways, there's a total Beauty and the Beast moment. "NO. Don't die! You can't die! I love you!" *sobs uncontrollably. LI magically comes back to life WOOT. *rolls eyesBut I guess it wasn't bad? Overall...? -Ish?