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Trapped In Beauty - Michael Barnette I spent an embarassingly long amount of time puzzling over the cover trying to figure out exactly how the figure in the foreground was arranged...Post-read ETA:You know, that cover...isn't one of 'em supposed to be a twink? Both figures look pretty large (in a buff sort of way)...Okay. The story proper:Grammatical errors =_= (relatively minor, though)The story itself isn't bad, I guess, and the character dynamics aren't bad...*shrug. The ending was really abrupt, though, and it turned the title into an annoying gimmick. And then there were the comma errors...I guess overall it wasn't bad, but it had a lot of one of my biggest pet peeves (comma errors) and also a less than stellar ending (imo, of course). The ending really was way too truncated *sigh.