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Spell Cat - Tara Lain *blinks. blinks.*What exactly does this Jimmy dude have to do with anything...?This book. It's beautiful. It hits every one of my little favorites (not going to make a laundry list, but this book's like it was tailor-made to my preferences). Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.I especially love that while it's got sex in it, it's not raunchy. It's got that sort of pure innocence or whatever that children's lit has that I love so much.:D Killian. He's so adorable, but he's still got an element of BA that doesn't make him a Hadrian. He's like the perfect balance of socially awkward/professorial and woobie. Like, he's adorable in that "awww you're so awkward" way but also in a "awww you tug at my heartstrings" sort of way.I like how the plotlines came together, even if I totally called it (I wonder, was it obvious? I can't tell if other people would have found it surprising or not. I mean, the dramatic irony was pretty blatant...)And I didn't totally hate Lavender, which means she was well-written and not just a mere plot device. It got a little "woe is me" at times with Jimmy (yeah, I guess with Killian, but that was his woobie-ness coming out :D), but it wasn't so completely overdone that I wanted to kill it with fire.Did I mention that the cover is absolutely gorgeous?(Oh, one thing I didn't like/thought was weird. Killian's nose-ring thing or other. That diamond nosering thing or other. I just...I guess I just don't like noserings...)And on a totally unrelated note, look what I found!http://flic.kr/p/rN951