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The Model - Serena Yates Okay, first off, the dude's name is Fabio. Secondly, he's worried about getting old at 28? (Or is that just a model thing?)I'm sorry, but this entire thing...I don't think I can take it seriously. (Oh, woe is me. I haz wrinkle *sob).Man, I really want some shrimp cocktail like you wouldn't believe...Oh, and the other dude's name is Edwin. And then, awwwww Fabio cares about what's inside.Jussayin, but the cover's kind of weird. I kind of pictured Fabio more...buff and stuff.Oooor I'm just projecting images of another Fabio:And yes, there just had to be a crazy stalker of sorts, huh?*shrug. Some people might like the whole melodramatic w/e, but this shoved at my suspense of disbelief a little too much. In very annoying ways.