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Heaven and Hell - Tedi Sinclair 2.5/5 rounded up because there were parts I actually genuinely liked before it devolved into the clusterfuck of an ending it had.(this was one of those reviews I started writing while I was reading. Be warned)There was that awk Stockholm-fucked-into-submission thing that just didn't work for me. At all. I mean, he goes from vindictive to suddenly accomodating. Well, not suddenly, I guess. I think the fucking was supposed to be the excuse of that =_=.I dunno...I kind of would have wanted a more...conscious decision or something? Something that doesn't render the whole thing Stockholm...It definitely would have strengthened the relationship because it really did settle in nicely. I'm choosing to believe that there was just something missing in the stated development as opposed to random Stockholming since Marco isn't completely a manipulative jackass like Dane was, not really, and Jason isn't dysfunctional like Vanlyn was. ([b:Illusion of Night|8489870|Illusion of Night (Illusion of Night, #1)|C.J. Black|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1277171278s/8489870.jpg|13355302], which features a pretty spectacular example of a match made in Stockholm)(Okay, yeah, Marco's a jackass, but he's a misguided jackass. I guess you could chalk it down to the whole mating bond thing? But then, again, it should have been at least stated.Oooooh wait. Found it. "But in that moment of speculation, I had decided that I was going to make this work. Marco, although gruff, wanted me here with him, and with him was where I would stay. Well...better late than never?I am sad, though, at the disregard for the subjunctive mood. Alas.Actually, I like how self-aware the characters are. There's no stupid posturing and idiotic bewilderment/ignoring-of-the-obvious. It helps temper the angst and cut down on idiotic posturing that seems to happen so often with these non-con/dub-con-turned-romance situations.It's actually the reason I liked [b:Concubine|8822493|Concubine|Jill Knowles|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1281414187s/8822493.jpg|13696837] so much, as it was a breath of fresh air. Needless to say, I'm rather happy other authors have not completely eschewed common sense. (even though, as Voltaire said, common sense is not so common...)Okay, I'm empathizing more with Jason right now...Maybe this Marco's POV thing will ingratiate himself with me. Argh, but he's such a stupid tool. Don't get me wrong. I can see why he would think the way he does. Doesn't make him any less of a tool.This is why I empathize with Jason over Marco:"This whole mating is a game played by your rules. Rules that you make up as you go along. Rules that you, and my father, and my aunts know about, but no one seems to be able to tell me anything about. I just want to understand." And no one will tell him, those rat bastards. Ooookay...starting to hit my squick meter...This is getting a little Stockholm/codependent for my tastes. Just a bit, mind you, but still. It's starting to register...They have problems, but they're very...real, problems, I guess. And they way they generally handle things is very...rational, which is nice.O_o Okay, really codependent.So wait. this is just...fucking as a vehicle of romance? *Jason fucks Marco. Marco: *sobs "I love you. I didn't want to cuz I thought you'd hurt me but I can't not love you and I love you." Jason: "I love you, too." Marco: "I know that now." ...because they fucked?The mom's melodramatic rant was just that. Melodramatic. Argh. Okay, once it hit blurb-plot-stage-2, it just...devolved into melodrama. Melodrama and farcical comedy. Aaand then it devolved into...awk clusterfuck of EVERYONE IS POWAHFUL. (except the Big Bad, of course). =_= and it was going so well, too...The last 1/5 or so (when the kidnapping subplot kicked in and after) completely devolved. It was, first off, too rushed to begin with. And then there were deus ex machinas all over the place to accommodate the rush. There's too much fucking-is-the-Answer-to-everything for my tastes and, like I said, too much of the whole "we all got powerful parentages :D."