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Mélusine - Sarah Monette Hoo boy what a delicious web of intrigue...I am a bit sad, though. I rather liked mad-Felix...Here's some stuff I wrote while I was still reading:The prologue is interesting. It's almost like meaningful nonsense at first. Granted, it took a couple of false starts, but once you get in the rhythm of things, it makes perfect sense. Like reading a cypher. At first, you need to keep referring back to the key, but eventually, you'll be fluent in it.But seriously. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. o_oFelix. He suffers so beautifully...to a point where I almost resent it when it switches to Mildmay.But beyond that, the world itself...it's like [b:Siddhartha|52036|Siddhartha|Hermann Hesse|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320519981s/52036.jpg|4840290]. You can't force it to try to make sense. The more you do that, the more frustrated you'll get. You just have to let it flow over you and somehow it all magically comes together.It's very thought-provoking, actually. All those foreign words/made up words and whatnot, it's not random. It makes sense in its own weird way. It's that weird underworld slang thing that exists irl too and stuff.