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Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2) - Kim Dare It was weird, and then it was boring, and then it was annoying as hell, and then it got better. Like the dude who'd gotten "turned into a newt."Still, after reading and giving up and abandoning it for a while and then skipping to the middle-ish, it wasn't bad. Kane was an adorable awkward turtle in the silver room and stuff.I think I kind of liked it, actually. A bit. The angst made it better because angst always makes things better. In reality, I just like it when the characters suffer. And suffer Kane did.I always think this side of the shifter coin is interesting. The universes where shifters are more like anthropomorphic animals than weres, per se. I believe I've said this before in some other review.But still. It's fascinating. More like...Redwall or something. Personifying animals, but they're still animals :D