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Protective Custody - Stormy Glenn I have a confession to make.But after this:Okay, this was kind of an awkward read for me.Let me elaborate.I've been reading a lot of m/m lately. So much so, in fact, that whenever these kind of GFY-ish situations come up, I keep expecting something like:Originally Gay One: "I love you."Other Dude: "I love you, too."Originally Gay One: *le gasp* "REALLY??" *happy dance*Other Dude: *snorts* "Yeah, no. I was just going to turn gay for you? It ain't that easy, dude. I don't just stare at you very hard and then suddenly get all hot for you, no matter how nice a person you are and how much I like you."Okay, maybe not exactly like that (that might be a little harsh? idk), but something like that. Like the other dude pulls a Mildmay or something. It's weird stuff.This book. I liked that the whole law-enforcement thing was used in such a way that there wasn't anything for me to obviously challenge. Subtle elements were incorporated, but it wasn't ridiculous to the point where I was about to research police/w.e protocol just so I could definitively call bullshit.This book is definitely nicely developed and seems a step up from Glenn's previous books. It's nice to see definite growth in an author's writing :DPart of it, though, might also be the differences in subject matter.It wasn't pulp-ish. I had issues with the ending, but not overly major, so w/e.