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Songs of the Earth - Lexi Ander (Partly comment as I go)As I ETA'd in my bk 1 review, I'm really unsure about the whole Theo business. I mean, he seemed genuinely contrite and it seems as if Tristan didn't give him a chance before dramatically deciding to break off.So I was more than a little pissed when he explained Theo as such:A little more than seven years ago, I had broken the bond between Theo Sullivan and myself. His lack of regard for me, coupled with his deception and lies, poisoned and almost killed me. The council had warned me I could die from the Breaking, but I'd taken my chances. Anything was better than being bound to a Twin Flame who barely tolerated me.Ah, that was a Bella-worthy passage, that was.Also, since I'm on this line of pursuit, might I mention how pissed I am that Tristan's got some "true dominance" thing going on? I really, really wanted Tristan to bottom and he didn't in the first book, but I was kind of like, "Well, okay. Huh. Not ideal, but there's still time..." but then bk 1 ended O_OMeh. At least Ushna tops at least once in this book...And then...that awkward moment when the author writes "Caucasus of albino snakes" instead of caduceus..."Hey guyz. I gotz a mountain range o' snakes on mah chest, hur hur hur."*nods. Seems legit.Actually, you know what? This reminds me of that House of Night series. Tristan...it pains me, but he's a disgrace to all Tristans. Tristan is such a beautiful name. Why does it have to be assigned to someone so...melodramatic as this one? *sighHe's also got that whole "coming into magical awesome god-blessed whatever powers and sparkly sprinkles and rainbow and shit" stuff. He was also briefly a man-slut. He, also, has shit happen to him, but each time, it always feels like he brought it upon himself. He's got that delicate-trust-can't-touch-this-or-it'll-shatter-irrevocably-if-you-just-look-at-it thing going on. And then there's "oh, no. I'm not this supreme-overlord-powerful-awesome-majestic-being-of-infinite-and-awesome-and-majestic-and-beautiful-might. You are all my bitches." (Well, he was all "you're in my tribe, and you're in my tribe. Oh, and Randy belongs to me, too, even though he's human." Yep. he deigned to include the puny little human into his all-powerful-and-super-awesome-with-sparkly-sprinkles-and-maraschino-cherries tribe. What a lucky little human!And oh, yes. The Goddess was careless. Because of something she didn't foresee/couldn't have known about. But she's a goddess. Surely she knows all. All the time. Always.I got news for you, Tristan. Ki ain't that Uttu chick who apparently CAN see into the future. She's the Goddess of Earth. What does that amount to? Seeing the future? Earth sure as hell ain't Time, that's for sure.And then Tristan pulls a Harry Potter with the whole "she scares the fucking shit out of me but I apparently have spontaneously developed some kind of impulse control issue that has me saying shit that I insist I don't believe in but I'm still saying it anyways it wasn't so I could appear like a BA, I swear."I really wanted Ki to take him and shake him by the proverbial ruff. To pull a quote from AP Lang; "When someone is so full of guiltless virtue and vengeance because of "unjust treatment," his information is likely to be biased and inaccurate. Ultimately, this could hurt a worthy cause. Admittedly, what is truth and what is worthy are difficult things to know. But if this is not appreciated by a persuader, it could indicate he has taken an easy path to his position. It shows he may not have carefully analyzed his assertions. It is not likely he has open-mindedly compared his ideas to other viewpoints. The listener should thus question his information." -- Jacobs, The bum's rush: The selling of environmental backlashReader in this case, but the ideas hold.Oooh and then Tristan goes and shows just how close-minded he is. HE's the one from the modern day and age and KI's the one schooling him in artificial insemination (or magical mpreg, as it were)? Excuse me?He's just a kid-hater.AAAAAAARRRRRRRGH. I don't know if I can keep reading this. I'm only about 2/5 of the way through and Tristan is such a close-minded jackass...And then Randy is magically part-non-human, too.And oh, god. Now Tristan's the Ultimate Wronged One.I'm pretty sure this whole "ignored thing" was cuz of the binding. Now, if it hadn't been for [b:Tainted Blood|8087573|Tainted Blood (Tainted, #1)|Sam C. Leonhard|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1272153335s/8087573.jpg|12825565] I would never have realized this, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. SO USHNA. STOP BUYING INTO TRISTAN'S HISTRIONICS AND SHUT. UP.And I'm right. It is that.Gave up at around 41%. I couldn't force myself on any longer.I really want to create a "kill it with fire" shelf...No longer resisting the urge and just went ahead and did it.I absolutely despised Tristan in this one. In the last one, at least, he had the advantage of suffering beautifully. In this one, he just...suffered needlessly by his own making. And I have this thing against idiotic stupidity.My final diagnosis: histrionic personality disorder.Man. And I thought my bro was good at playing the victim.