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Lace - Jaime Samms Man, talk about mother of all emotion whiplashes.Sheesh, what the hell was going on?Also, do colleges even have Student Councils?And Caleb was a 5-year-old in 1st grade??? Talk about early bloomer...It just didn't work for me. I know that Caleb's grudge-against-the-world thing is kind of the point, but it just didn't work for me.I just didn't didn't find Caleb to be endearing regardless of whatever.Yes, I get that Caleb's such a jackass because he had a shitty past and can't allow himself to trust, but (and this is very Sartre of me, yes, but I believe his point is valid) seriously, one's past does not determine one's actions. It's always a conscious choice of the moment.I just can't buy into his whole "I had a shitty past, therefore I'm entitled the hate the world and lash out at the slightest excuse of an impetus" mentality. Again, I get that that was the point. That, however, did not serve to mitigate the situation in any way, shape, or fashion.I still found Caleb incredibly exasperatingly annoying. Like the stupid prick I might have wanted to support if he weren't such a bigoted jackass in the other polar direction.