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The Portrait - L.M. Somerton I dislike the use of rhetorical questions, which this blurb has an excess of. I am, as it were, less than amused by such. Ironic that when I typed The Portrait into GR's auto-search, the first result to come back was The Picture of Dorian Gray. Ironic because this one rather reminded me of that book..Let me just say I kind of despise the cover. The composition isn't bad, I suppose, but the models...They're just so awk.It's length worked against it. It was much too abbreviated. Parts of it were fascinating and could have yielded more, but overall...it was just far too truncated.That ghost...I didn't like the way he responded. The entire thing was just too easy.The insta-love was actually quite awk. I'm fairly certain that Tristan's actually just codependent on Garrick instead of actually in love.The blurb was so...gauche. It sounded way too soap-opera-y and that actually ended up hurting the book because it colored the way I perceived it going in. I mean, it's a bit deeper than a soap opera, but still. I can't tell if Dorian *cough, cough* sorry, Garrick was supposed to be a Jerkass Woobie or a Tsundere, but either way, there was not enough of either Woobie or dere. And Tristan (*sigh, yet another disgrace to the name Tristan) falls into codependency and we end up with a Match Made in Stockholm.*sigh. That ghost COULD have been so good. And Garrick COULD have suffered beautifully and became an awesome Woobie. but instead, he's just a jackass.And Tristan's a tool. Through and through.A very regrettable read, imo.This is something I'd write angry fanfic of. Angry because it would be everything I thought it should be. Basically, it means I'd steal the idea and work it, imo, better. With more suffering. Instead of deus ex machina'ing it and making 'em into a bunch of Mary Sues. In fact, if I were to write something around this, I'd just steal the idea about the vengeful ghost after the tortured artist and completely ignore the existence of this and use different names and backstories or whatever and voila have my own book. "What do you mean, I stole the idea? How can I steal the idea of a tortured artist? Do you know how many of those there are in literature? Can you steal a trope? No. Therefore I win." Something like that.